next comes ubiquitous computing,
the age of calm technology, that
resides in the background of our lives

Mark D. Weiser


ready for 5G and associated industrial use cases

embedded with cellular and wlan IoT connectivity

built on best industrial and telco principles & standards

ensure vast & prompt integration of devices and sensors

enforced with great processing power for edge computing

energy efficient and remotely operable in real-time

use cases


5G IoT Gateway

built with passion and confidence

multipurpose, industrial, adoptable to conditions and requirements, fits various demands and restrictions, solves heaviest challenges of edge computing


smart retail system

holistic and open logistics and PoS chains monitoring

the most accurate real-time end-to-end toolset that enables transparency, fills gaps in logistics and sales operations, and automates physical inventory monitoring
Case Study

smart personal beacons

reassured safety of staff and physical-digital interactions

intelligent personal devices that help to communicate in relation between human and machine, but also alarm about danger situations or hazardous environment

Case Study

pervasive IoT edge computing systems are capable of collecting, processing and communicating data, adapt to the data's context and activity, create a network that can understand its surroundings and improve the human experience and quality of life

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