our story

our venture started in 2018, our vision is to support the introduction of ubiquitous computing in our world through the internet of things solutions, that are a combination of connectivity, edge computing capabilities and various, purpose-built sensor networks

every customer is individual, every project is specific, but always:
the quality and creativity wins with most tough requirements
This is the level of quality which you love to work with.
The solution integrated fast, with remarkable pace.
Co-created and crafted solution to meet our requirements.

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how we work


our designs, our operations, it's optimized as we need to be agile and effective


we live in exciting times where we continuously innovate using best and newest technologies


results are all, thus working with customers is the best way to meet any requirements


our solutions are harmless to the environment and energy efficient to sustain time passing


holistic team face any challenges and assures great interoperability of the solutions


consistency of our capabilities builds portfolio which enables ubiquitous edge computing